Sixth Form Dress Code

The Sixth Form dress code is designed to enable students to look at their professional best. The dress code allows considerable freedom whilst ensuring that everyone’s appearance is smart, sober in style and business-like.

Students must wear business attire such as a formal jacket and trousers/skirt.

Shirts/blouses/tops can be plain or patterned but must be formally cut.  No visible brands are allowed. Ties must be worn with shirts, but not with blouses.

Jumpers must be worn with a shirt or blouse, not on their own. No sweatshirts or hoodies.

Skirts must be worn with 40 denier tights or thicker. Skirts must not be too short or clingy. Students breaking this rule will be given a replacement skirt by Ms Hern.

Trousers should be formal in style. Leggings or drawstring trousers are not permitted.

No strappy or low cut tops.

No Leather or Pleather.

Outdoor coats, jackets and scarves should not be worn inside the school buildings.

Students are permitted to wear studs in ear piercings. A single small stud is allowed for a nose piercing. Septum jewellery must not be visible.

Extremes of hair style and/or colour are unacceptable.

No visible tattoos.

Formal footwear must be worn.