Results Day Procedure and Admissions

As we approach GCSE Results Day, all applicants with conditional offers will be sent an email explaining how to claim their place, should they attain the entrance criteria. It will also explain what to do if students wish to change their subjects.

Essentially, there is no need for external students to come into OPGS or for internal students to wait around after collecting their results. Students will be asked to confirm their A level subject choice via a specific email address or to send an email to ask change their subjects. External students will need to attach their results via email. We will call or email students to confirm or discuss changes. The Sixth Form Team will be available for several days after results are received to support students and parents as they make decisions.

After you have confirmed your place, you will receive an admissions pack.

Enrolment into the Sixth Form will take place on an allocated day before students in Year 12 begin lessons. Students will come into OPGS to collect their identity fobs and to hand in the admissions paperwork.