Mentoring and Pastoral Support

In the Sixth Form, there is a progressive mentoring and pastoral system for students. When they enter the Sixth Form, Year 12 students are supported with the transition through a guided programme of form time activities. These include our innovative Wider World lectures that are given by members of the academic staff on a variety of topics. The lectures encourage knowledge and awareness of a range of topics to enhance their development as students.

OPGS students will also be supported in their transition to challenging A levels, and their new found independence, by their Form Tutor, Year Head, our Sixth Form guidance councillor and a SEND team who offer mindfulness sessions.  As a school we pride ourselves on a strong pastoral and academic support program and students are as likely to have conversations regarding their progress with the Sixth Form Leadership Team as they are with their Form Tutor.

Students will be supported with their career and progression routes through a comprehensive Information, Advice and Guidance programme. In Year 12, in addition to regular form time sessions, students will take part in career focussed enrichment days with access to the latest careers software and online resources. We have a strong parent and alumni network to provide work experience and advice. All students will have the opportunity to meet for individual career interviews and throughout the year there is a flexible time allocated for Work Shadowing. In Year 13, students will receive support and guidance throughout the University application process and with alternative pathways if preferred. OPGS students go on to universities and degree apprenticeships. OPGS will ensure that Sixth Formers are kept fully up to date on Higher Education and Employment opportunities, including changes to University Tuition Fees and Degree Apprenticeships.