Careers and Destinations

Each year, Oakwood Park Grammar School has a high proportion of students moving on to ‘Russell Group’ universities. From the cohort of 2021, 55% of students progressing on to university, joined top universities with an average entry requirement of AAA. The students with the very highest marks joined, Oxford, University College London, Edinburgh, Durham and Warwick, which rank in the top five UK universities.


55% of students who have moved on to university are studying at a Russell Group or Top Twenty university. These include

  • University of Cambridge reading Computer Science
  • London School of Economics & Political Science reading Environment & Development
  • London School of Economics & Political Science reading Politics & History
  • Durham University reading Natural Sciences
  • University of Warwick reading English Literature
  • University of York reading Sociology
  • University of Exeter reading Biological Sciences
  • University of Exeter reading Mathematics (2)
  • University of Exeter reading Mechanical Engineering
  • University of Bristol reading Chemistry
  • University of Manchester reading Geography
  • University of Leeds reading Accounting & Finance (2)
  • University of Leeds reading Biological Sciences (2)
  • University of Leeds reading Financial Mathematics
  • University of Leeds reading International History & Politics
  • University of Leeds reading Modern Languages & Economics
  • University of Leeds reading Sport & Exercise Science (2)
  • University of Glasgow reading Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics

The Arts

5% of students are studying creative courses and the subject areas include

  • Advertising
  • Art Foundation
  • Product Design

Employment and Gap Year

29% of students moved onto employment or are taking a gap year, including

  • Degree Apprenticeship in Civil Engineering
  • Applying for 2022 entry to university or drama school through the school
  • Administrative Assistant at KCC
  • Call handler for Emergency Services
  • Application for Army Officer Role
  • Intern: Learning Support Assistant
  • Teaching Assistant


OPGS instigated the setting up of a Sixth Form Careers Fair, supported by two local members of parliament. This is held at Maidstone Leisure Centre and involves major international companies. We continue to maintain links with top engineering companies and The Chartered Institute of Insurers run networking events for OPGS students to enable them to use digital communication to increase their social capital in a competitive market.

OPGS students are sought after. They aim high and, due to their excellent results and enriched Sixth Form life, are attractive candidates for the most competitive universities and ‘blue chip’ companies.